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Best Cross Trainers for Home Gym in India

An elliptical trainer or cross trainer is a must have for every fitness enthusiast. If you do not get the time to visit the gym daily, an elliptical cross trainer can be the key to burn all those extra calories. It can be a great addition to your daily workout regime. The best thing about cross trainers is that it helps in impact-free cardiovascular workout, thus minimizing any chance of injury. The best cross trainers come with multiple settings that allow a user to target different body muscles as per the need.

Let us take a quick look at the cross trainer benefits:

  • Workout for your whole body

    One of the top benefits and reasons for spending on a quality cross trainer is – it allows you to work out all the muscles of the body. Starting from the calves, glutes and hamstrings to the biceps, triceps and shoulders. You can also use it to exercise the core muscles. This equipment comes with maximum options to adjust according to your exercise needs.

  • Adjust the intensity according to your workout plan

The intensity has an important role to play in the effectiveness of your workout. With elliptical cross trainers you are always in control. You can adjust the intensity of your training as per your plan and enjoy the best results.

  • Safety is priority

Cross trainer machines are popular for non-impact cardiovascular exercises and they can be a great way to work out safely as exercising on cross trainers put minimum stress on the joints.  So,  you can comfortably use a cross trainer whenever you want. This also makes it perfect to maintain fitness after an injury or accident.

  • Workout at the comfort of your home

If you prefer to workout at home, instead of visiting the gym, the cross trainer machine is what you need. These workout systems take minimum space and are relatively inexpensive than many other training machines.

What you should consider before buying an elliptical cross trainer?

Well, before you spend on an electrical cross trainer there are few things you need to consider minutely,

✔ The Flywheel weight and position:

The weight of the flywheel determines the fluidity and comfort of pedalling. A heavier flywheel is ideal for professionals. The positioning of the flywheel determines the angle of the legs on the wheel and should be picked according to personal comfort levels and needs.

✔ The type of resistance:

Elliptical trainers come with mechanical or magnetic resistance. Machines with magnetic resistance are more comfortable and user friendly.

✔ The length of the stride:

Generally, a 40cm stride length is recommended for elliptical cross trainers but it will vary according to the height of the user. If the stride is smaller, it will seriously limit the user movement.

✔ Maximum weight of user:

The weight of the elliptical trainer should be in accordance with the body weight of the user. It is suggested, to opt for a heavier cross trainer as it will support both a lightweight and heavy weight person.

The design, quality, features, and cross trainer price are the other factors that you should check before buying a cross trainer machine.

If you are looking for the best cross trainer on amazon, here are the 10 best cross trainers in the market.


1. Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer


With 120 Kg maximum user weight and 160 to 195 cm maximum user height accommodation, the CE03ADVANCE Elliptical Cross Trainer from the Cockatoo Smart Series is a quality product. The magnetic resistance provides a smooth ride without any interruptions.

The pedal incline is designed to adapt with the natural movement of the feet while the textured pattern ensures proper grip and stability. It comes with 8 different resistance levels that you can set according to the desired intensity of your training.

This electrical cross trainer for home is ideal for powerful cardiovascular exercises and helps you to stay on point with your fitness goals. It comes with LCD monitor for calorie, time, speed and distance tracking. It has a heavy duty steel frame for longevity.

2. Propel HDA 55 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensor & LCD Monitor


The tubular steel construction and a wide base gives this cross trainer stability while ensuring maximum safety during exercise. The large foot pedals and soft hand grip provides extra support. It allows maximum user weight of 110 Kg and variable resistance to meet with your workout level.

Apart from the full-form adjustable seat, it comes with a bunch of useful features. The built in pulse rate sensor is one feature to love.  The LCD display screen provides all the stats. The machine comes with 1-year warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame.

3. Kamachi OB-328 Orbitrek Multifunction Exercise Bike, Dual Action Handles


OB-328 Orbitrek is a best seller from Kamachi. The basic features of this elliptical trainer include soft hand rail grips, textured foot pedals and extra stationary handle with dual action handle bars. It supports a maximum user weight of 110Kg. This ideal workout partner features a sturdy wheel, perfect to support high intensity workouts.

The adjustable seat height with proper cushioning and non-skid pedals not only makes workout sessions comfortable and convenient but also minimizes any chance of injury. It comes with LCD display for easy monitoring of the parameters while working out.

4. Lifecarefitness Orbitrek Black 4 In 1 Delux


This 4 in 1 cross trainer is built for a total body work out and is ideal for zero impact knee and joint exercising. The 4 in 1 combination includes stepper, arm rowing, cycling and stair climber. Combines a digital meter to show speed, time distance and calorie burnt.

A compact design ideal for in-home use. Tubular heavy material construction and sturdy built for longevity makes it a perfect workout companion. Comes with fan wheel design and fully adjustable tension resistance control.

5. Kamachi OB-332 Orbitrek Multifunction Exercise Bike, 4 Way Adjustable Seat


This feature rich elliptical bike has a strong built and sturdy design that provides sufficient stability for high impact training. It comes with extra support handles for cycling along with the long rowing handles for toning the upper body.

The tension adjusting knob makes it simple to set the intensity. Large pedals with extra support and heavy duty fly wheels make it perfect for your fitness training.  It supports a maximum user weight of 110 Kg. The 4 way adjustable seat is perfect for a complete family workout.

6. Kamachi OB-329 Elliptical Orbitrack Bike with Steel Wheel


It is another powerful Elliptical trainer from the house of Kamachi. With 110 Kg max sustainable user weight the trainer boasts of high quality and ease to assemble, just like other Kamachi Elliptical bikes.

The bigger and textured pedals are comfortable for foot placement while the soft hand rail grip makes it easy to hold. Moreover, adjustable seat height and tension knob makes it customizable as per your training level.

Bike, pedal, step, rowing and run are the exercises supported by this cross trainer machine. The single window LED display shows all the parameters at a glance.

7. Propel HX111 Magnetic Cross Trainer for Smooth Workout and Home Gym.


This is an advanced cross trainer that adds efficiency and style to your workout sessions. In addition to that, the 8 magnetic resistance levels and 5.5 Kg, 2 ways flywheel make this compact cross trainer perfect to get all the benefits of the gym right at your home. The trainer is smooth and crank free.

High foot stability and sturdy design promotes better safety and comfortable workout. It combines a calorie counter, ODO-total travel distance, BMI/BMR scanner and heart rate monitor to give a clear idea on your workout levels.

8. Colado Fitness Imported OB-01 Multi-Function Orbitrek, Exercise Bike


This compact elliptical trainer is a perfect home workout partner. It comes with adjustable strap tension, workout computer, and the design of the pedals ensures comfortable footing while minimizing slipping risk.

This elliptical machine claims to offer 300% more effective results in just 10 minutes compared to normal walking for the same duration. It simulates walking and running without any impact on the knees or joints.

The trainer supports up to 125 Kg user weight, while the digital display shows speed, time, distance and calories burnt. Ideal for a calorie burning and muscle sculpting workout at home.

9. Gymally NB-OR4; Imported Orbitrek Multi-function; Exercise Bike; Cycle; Cross Trainer; Sitting Pedaling/Standing Rowing



Bring the gym to your home, without the bulk with Gymally NB-OR4. This home cross trainer is perfect for your daily workout needs and moreover, it enjoys all the basic features of elliptical trainers with a dash of style. The sturdy design is comfortable and steady.

Adjustable belt break resistance system and fiber wind wheel are few other important specifications of this centre drive trainer model. It supports up to 120Kg user weight. In addition to that, the electrostatically powder-coated corrosion resistant frame finish ensures maximum durability.

10. FITNESS WORLD E5 Electro Magnetic Elliptical Trainer Machine, 8 Kg Fly Wheel



This professional grade elliptical trainer machine with 16 resistance levels is ideal for moderate to heavy workouts. Powered with full electro-magnetic resistance, the unit boasts of a compact and sleek design.

The 8Kg flywheel is ideal for high intensity lower body exercises, while the display feedback shows speed, time, calories, resistance, pulse and distance. Moreover, it comes with wheels for easy transportation.

The heavy gauge with powder coat finish frame ensures longevity. This cross trainer machine is priced higher than the lot. However, it offers professional-level features, and it is worth every penny.

So, if you have been looking for the Best Cross Trainers on Amazon, it is best to pick the one of your choice from the list of top 10 Cross Trainers above. For the cross trainer machine price check out Amazon now!


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